Denco d.o.o.

The company ” DENCO ” LTD Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, was founded 2010.
We are  authorized reprensentative Company of ERICO International Corporation USA and ISKRA ZASCITE Ltd Ljubljana, Republik Slovenia, for the territory of Bosnia und Hercegovina.
” ERICO ” International Corporation offers following programs:
1. CADDY – Fixings and Supports for Electrical and Datacomm Installations
2. CADDY – Fixings and supports for Heating, Plumbing, Air Conditioning, Sprinkler and Ventilation
3. ERIFLEX – Low voltage components
4. ERITECH – Facility electrical protection with CADWELD – Welded electrical connections
5. ERICONTACT – Products for Railways
ISKRA ZASCITE Ltd Ljubljana offers followings:
1. Surge Protection for low  ( Railways, Photovoltaic Systems, Wind Systems, Signalling Networks, Telephone
    Exchanges ) and medium voltage systems
2. Miniature Circuit Breakers ( MCB )
3. Residual Current Disconnectors;

D E N C O d.o.o.   Sarajevo


General Representative of ” ERICO ” International Corporation, USA and ” ISKRA ZASCITE ” doo Ljubljana, R. Slovenija!.






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